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Marilyn Zalatan

Marilyn Zalatan

Lawrenceville, GA


I've been interested in art and design from day one. As a child I was always happy to be drawing or painting.Other than a few odd art classes here and there I am basically self-taught. I began oil painting and pen and ink from my high school art class and continued through out my life as time permitted. I have worked for Realtors doing pen and inks or watercolors of properties. I was also the Art Director for a childrens travel magazine for a short time and worked with custom drapery design and construction for several years. While bringing up my four girls I left oil painting for acrylics because of the time element.

Because I started with oils where you add the highlights last and moved eventually to watercolor I find this medium quite challenging. Doing the piece where the highlights need to come first seems like I am painting in reverse.I still work in all four of these mediums and work mostly from photographs that I have taken and some of which I share on the site.

At this time my life has afforded me the option of dedicating more of my time to my love of art and so I am beginning a new chapter where I am making art my main focus.


Castle Keep by Marilyn Zalatan


Stones on Giant's Causeway by Marilyn Zalatan


Horses on Cliff by Marilyn Zalatan


Castle Ruins by Marilyn Zalatan


Alster Tower by Marilyn Zalatan


Through the Window by Marilyn Zalatan


Salute the Sun by Marilyn Zalatan


Going Home by Marilyn Zalatan


Low Road by Marilyn Zalatan


A Place for Refection by Marilyn Zalatan


Freedom is not Free by Marilyn Zalatan


Past Heros by Marilyn Zalatan


Throwing the Net by Marilyn Zalatan


Concept of Time by Marilyn Zalatan